Goddess…Mistress…I am returned from the hunt… Silver light reveals red leather…soaked in the blood of day, Your huntress has fought with the sun and won… But with a heavy price to pay—

By stripping away my mask…High Priestess of this Marble Temple, Vanilla, ginger, allspice, cinnamon caress with fingers of steam… And like a decadent countess slipping into warm crimson pleasure, I sink into moonlight, candlelight and dreams

Of Dionysus seducing my senses with red wine and fragrances of spice…   The day can no longer bruise like a bully without thought, Protected by the candlelit glow of the elements and the salt of the earth Time slows to nothing as I am caught

Between worlds of light and dark…despair and pleasure… Recreate me Goddess in your image…passionate and bold! Nerves crawl up the spine to enflame the mind, Night air feeds the fire… oil on water…to explode

Rude memories into silver stardust… sparkling in the moonlit breeze, Creating art from pretty little torments…ecstasy and pain. Sacrificing comprehension by immersing the soul and rising wet From the truth…Goddess…deliver me from the profane. ©