I have always been interested in religion.  When I was a child I was absolutely fascinated with the Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Egypt.  I was also drawn to Greek Mythology.  To many people… I’m sure I appeared very strange (especially growing up in Alabama) speaking of Isis, Horus, and the Olympians.  Throughout my life I have considered myself one thing or the other… from Christian to Agnostic.  About a year ago I began paying more attention to other ideas; such as, the Law of Attraction and Wicca.

Most religions have their basis in male driven ideology that has been very unfair to women throughout the ages.  I always said that until I found a religion written by females…I would just live without it.  While I lost my religion (Christianity) when I was a teen…I never lost my spirituality.  I realize that we all have the power to see the Creator as we wish.  I just happen to like to see the Creator as a Goddess or an androgynous entity.  It took me years to escape my conditioning of viewing the Creator as totally male.

Out of all the religions I have studied Wicca is by far the nicest.  Being a child of nature, I love many Wiccan ideas.  I am however, a little uncomfortable with the ritual aspect of Wicca.  It’s not that I do not believe in magic…it’s just I believe it comes from the mind.  I believe the Goddess has given us inner power and ability to manifest our desires.  That’s where I tie in Wicca with the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction is similar to the Magician and Ace of Cups in the Tarot.  When you connect to the Goddess…she will fill your cup to overflowing.  So, I don’t necessarily believe I have to draw a magic circle…if that makes any sense.   I reach the Goddess in meditation and dreams.

Maybe one day I’ll completely embrace ritual, but for now I just have to take baby steps.    Another problem I have is that I am a very fierce person and at times anger eats at me like a cancer when I see injustice in the world and ignorant intolerant people.  I just don’t think I am nice enough to be a witch.  All the Wiccans I know through Twitter are so kind and full of love.   I have a never ending battle between the light and darkness within myself.  I’ll certainly have to get that under control before I dabble with magic…or I might end up like Dark Willow…LOL.