The idea that our souls exist within the material
world in an organic prison is an interesting concept; our spirits trapped by
the elements…earth, water, air, and fire.
Our flesh is earth, our blood…water, our breath…air, and our body

In the Lost Gospels Mary Magdalene speaks of Jesus
teaching that we must get past the elementals to reach heaven.   If you are capable of mastering the elements…
your spirit becomes the fifth element.
This means your spirit connects to the other side and you can manifest
any desire into reality.

This corresponds with The Law of Attraction and to
the Magician card in the Tarot.  I
believe the brain is an extremely powerful tool that will continue to evolve
into infinite possibilities.  Today we
only have a primitive grasp of its abilities.

I do believe that some people are able to tap the
other side.  Those people you read about
that live dream lives have the key…they are the Magicians.