Humanity began with spirituality…a connection to the invisible world (right brain, subconscious) activity.  People survived on instinct…intuition because they didn’t have a lot of knowledge (left brain, conscious) activity. Then religion was born through the primitive synthesis of limited left brain knowledge and right brain intuition.  Humanity mistakenly calls religion “the truth,” when there is no possible way for “the truth” to exist without possessing all knowledge…which is quite impossible for a human brain.  No one on this earth owns the truth…because we do not have enough information to see the “Big Picture.”

The only reason organized religions still exist is because they were passed down in story form.  It’s a memory strategy many teachers use to code information so students will remember it.  Everyone loves stories!  Many people would rather believe the earth was created in seven days and that humanity began with a man and woman chasing each other around naked in a paradise; rather than that the earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago and homo sapiens evolved around 200,000 years ago.

People rarely pick up a “holy book” and actually read it.   They prefer someone (priest, minister) to translate it for them because most of the time they do not understand what they are reading.  They like to hear the pretty stories.  It’s easy and it answers questions the slothful person (without critical thinking skills) wants answered.  They want a set of rules to follow in life and a nice place waiting for them when they die.  Different groups of ancient peoples developed different stories to explain everything…different sets of similar rules…some harsher than others.

I think of all the evil that religion has fostered.  People claim religion has done so much for humanity, but what has it really accomplished besides dividing people?  Millions have died because one religion has no tolerance for another.  Violence…wars, genocide, rape, murder, slavery of women…even bullying at school are all based on religious ideals fueling societies.

I grew up in a Christian Fundamentalist church, but escaped my brainwashing very early because what they were teaching was so ridiculous to me.  I couldn’t believe they were actually serious.  But…serious they were.  I believe they are lazy and blind.  They probably believe I am the devil.  Whatever!  I have and will always be a spiritual person, but when I think of an all powerful entity that created everything through the “Big Bang,” I think it’s a little more complex than following some outdated set of rules that chokes the shit outa the human spirit.

I believe I am here to learn.  So far, I have learned through the 5 and sometimes 6 senses I was given.  Instinctually I have avoided the quagmire of religion and trusted my heart.  People use religion because they fear the unknown.  I do not fear the unknown…I have never feared death.  I will not adhere to another’s idea of God.  God/Dess lives within me and I will strive to learn as much as my puny brain can hold.  If I must be trapped within this material world…I will memorize and conceptualize my prison until I am offered the exit.