I really hear a lot of crap from politicians on a daily basis.  One comment took the cake today.  I will not name him, but he defended his position against gay marriage by saying, “It (marriage) between a man and a woman has worked pretty well for the past 2000 years, so I don’t see a need to change what works.”  I couldn’t believe the journalist let this guy get away with that ridiculous defense of heterosexual marriage.  Why didn’t the journalist explain that 1st of all marriage goes back much further than 2000 years (Surprise, it’s not just a Christian concept, buddy!)  Secondly, we’ve come a long way from those times…baby!

According to this line of reasoning…we should bring back the pharaohs’ and monarchy to rule us…while the working classes starve and build pyramids and go on holy crusades for the rich folks. We should also forget our judicial system and just lynch people with vigilante justice.  As a matter of fact…let’s close down public schools/libraries/publishing houses/Internet because the masses shouldn’t be allowed to read.

Ladies…forget education for you…you have to marry or be owned by your brother…who we all know will treat you like a slave or if you do marry just have baby after baby…oh yea (no birth control)!  Too many mouths to feed?…Well, I guess you’ll have to expose them to the elements like they did back in the old days because sadly there won’t be any orphanages or adoption agencies and really?  Do you think the Feudal Lords will really want your common children?

Yes…all this was working pretty well for a select few people back in those days!  But…because of people that didn’t march “in rank and file” society became much fairer.  It is because of those people that our civilization has progressed and will continue to do so.

I personally feel the government should not have a say in who you marry.  I believe strongly that everyone should have equal rights in this country.  That guy just really griped my ass with his ignorance.  People are born gay or bisexual.  I don’t know if it is genetic or hormonal, but it is nothing a person can change willfully.

I know this to be true from personal experience.  I have always been attracted to both sexes…all the way back when the first sexual thoughts came into being.  Luckily…in this modern day and age, I haven’t been forced to marry and have children that I didn’t want.

People like this politician thought they could stop change way back then, too.  100 years from now, I’m sure someone will be griping about dating robots with artificial intelligence!