I thought I might like to write a book based on my personal interview with God/Dess.  I wonder how far that would go…huummmm?  Well, I do know many people have been very successful doing just that.  Just look at history…all the holy writings from any religion I know of… claim to know the mind of that all powerful entity known as God.  Well in my interview with God/Dess…I was told that s/he designed us to evolve into something that might be more interesting and intelligent than a rock, but s/he said she had been mostly disappointed as of yet.

She also said Humans are stupid and easily manipulated and soooo easy to brainwash no matter how ludicrous the idea.  She liked Albert Einstein’s quote…  “He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt.  He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.”

You know… I forgive people back in ancient times…all the way up to the renaissance…because they really just didn’t have the knowledge to make sense of everything.  So, why not make up stories to fill in the gaps?  Stories are fun.  However, I do hold people accountable for their ignorance today.  It’s pure sloth!  Yes…sloth is one of the seven deadly sins!  People are mentally lazy in this day and time.  No one wants to do the hard work of acquiring knowledge and exercising critical thinking skills to develop a conceptual understanding.   People want the answer handed to them in a nice little package.

These mentally lazy people are ruling the world with their ignorance and making this world into a hell.  They use their religious ideas to form societies that punish people who don’t accept their blind faith.  I can just hear these dolts…science is too hard…I can’t wrap my brain around this…what good is math…I don’t want to think…just give me the answer…we are alone in the universe…we must obey…we must obey…we must obey!  These mindless obedient pod people continue to embrace outdated notions with superstitious zeal.  What intelligent being would not be contemptuous of such stupidity?

God/Dess gave us a brain to think…to evolve…to create…to become something admirable & noble.  It is such a beautiful gift.  It’s really disgusting that some people do not appreciate the miraculous organ and allow it to atrophy into so much mush.  They never ask the question?  Why did God/Dess gift me with this brain?  It reminds me of that Ally bank commercial where the bank guy gives the little girl a brand new bike and then tells her the rule is… to not ride the bike outside the tiny square he’s given her.  Do you give your child a bicycle and then command them to never learn to use it…to stay in that tiny square?   Why even give them the bicycle?

If God/Dess wanted us to be a bunch of mindless zombies…s/he wouldn’t have given us …yes let me say it once again…a brain.  Humanity could make this world a much better place if we collectively respected knowledge and each other.  Many diligent people sweated blood and tears to give us the knowledge we have today.   Many also gave their lives because they had the courage to refuse to march “rank and file.”   It grieves me to see so many people ignore their sacrifice.