I had a dream last night.  It was interesting.  I dreamt America sent a huge fleet of ships through the Mediterranean Sea to the coast of Egypt.  A mob of Egyptian women came running out to the water’s edge tearing off burkas, headscarves, and clothes to throw themselves naked into the sea where they began swimming for the ships.

Wow!  Wouldn’t that be an event?  I thought about the dream and I wondered…how many of those women if given the chance would overcome their fears and conditioning to actually liberate themselves.  How many would snatch up their daughters and escape?  How many would leave their cruel male overlords and taste sweet freedom?

But, then I began thinking more deeply and I thought of American society.  How many women actually buck the system in America?  How many women stand up to misogyny in American society?  Men insult each other by calling the other a “p@#^y” (slang for the reproductive part of a woman’s body).  “Little bitch is another disrespectful insult men love to throw at each other.”   “Or you cry like a little girl.”  I hear these phrases so often today that in some ways I have become desensitized to their root meaning, which of course is…the female is weak and deserves derision.

Today’s movies and TV glorify the courageous male hero!  How many movies have you seen lately where a woman saves the day?  If you happened to find one…it probably starred Angelina Jolie or was maybe written by Joss Whedon.   I hear the excuse is that there isn’t an audience or market for the female hero…the law of supply and demand and such.  So, maybe they’re right.   Maybe American women…just like many of the Egyptian women in my dream… refuse to throw off their clothes and swim for freedom.

American women complain about human rights issues in Muslim countries and ignore the inequality of the American system.  Women are often discriminated against in the workplace, religious institutions, and in society as a whole.  I’ve actually heard men say that they are discriminated against due to minority laws.  This is so ludicrous that I have to breathe and count to 10 before I construct my answer.  I guess it’s not enough that men have molded the world into their violent vision for over 5000 years…and subjugated women through brute force and then something very clever…religion.  So, I suppose the female is being unreasonable to ask for a few labor laws to balance the scale.  That’s just asking for too many crumbs from the table…I guess.

I do agree with that guy yelling discrimination… in the idea that the government cannot force change.  Change begins with the children.  We construct the future through the children.  Children are taught gender roles very early.  Children are pressured by parents to mold themselves into what society will accept.  But, but doing this…they lesson the possibilities for so many children to grow into something different and unique.  The ironic thing is that many children “go with the flow” to satisfy parents and society but secretly hide their true identities…and take anti-depressants to cope with their unhappiness.

Little girls wear pink and little boys wear blue…right?  Society forces dolls on little girls and tools or play weapons on little boys.  ‘Cause after all girls are supposed to nurture and boys are supposed to hunt…right?  Girls are expected to cry when they fall down…boys aren’t supposed to cry.  If women ever want to reach equal status in this society, mothers’ must let their children choose their own toys and teach girls and boys to work together.  They must stop shoving the children into these restrictive boxes or humanity will never progress.  I would imagine at one point…if we don’t start using our minds…God Dess will clean the slate and start over.

If women had been allowed equality for the past 5000 years, we would not recognize the world today.  I think of all the brilliant women in times past that were not allowed an education or voice because they were female.   I think of the inventions, great works of art, literature, scientific knowledge, and spiritual/philosophical ideas that never saw the light of day because a female expressed it or a male claimed it for himself.  The sad thing is…most men and women do not realize or face this fact because if they did…our society would be advancing much faster.

Mothers…I challenge you to escape your conditioning and raise your children to be strong, intelligent, and empathetic.  Teach children equality and to work together as partners.  I keep hearing that song in my head…“Mama don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys” and while I am not a country music fan…the message in that one sentence would change a lot of things for a great many little boys and girls if the advice was followed.

Another interesting thing to ponder…Egypt had a female Pharaoh named Hatshepsut 3500 years ago.  America gave women the right to vote less than 100 years ago.  America as of yet has not elected a female President.  Ladies it’s time to wake up.  Look at Egypt today…