Place your lips where mine might wander…

Open your eyes that I might see through

To your soul and ponder…

The whimsical mood of my desire

Steals my body…leaving me helpless

To the wet tongues…that sizzle and fire

That erotic creature hidden within me

Struggling to escape—leaving me breathless-

To the inner self which allows the sin to flee

To the farthest corners of my being

Pillaging the void—leaving emptiness to

Feel nothing—but taking my soul and freeing

Myself to new ecstasy and delight-

While hovering above—leaving me emotionless

To human hurt and bite

The scream back from sound—

Taunt on a string—leaving me powerless—

The pleasure of sex—tight and then unwound.

Place your lips where mine might wander…

Open your eyes that I might see through

To your soul…and ponder. ©

Marry The Night Video: My Interpretation


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When you interpret art…you base your interpretation on your own knowledge base and experiences.  Therefore, you as an individual will perceive the art in your own unique way.  This interpretation of the Marry the Night video is my own perception and may not reflect Gaga’s intended message.  Art is like a puzzle, riddle, or game to play/decipher.  I enjoyed the experience.

I will simply summarize the video on a “Big Picture” scale then go into more detail.  In the beginning of the video…Gaga has a breakdown, but instead of accepting defeat…she reaches deep inside and reinvents herself.  Everyone knows the expression, “If at first you don’t succeed”…yada… yada.    She achieves success through a spiritual belief in herself, hard work and overcoming many additional obstacles.   She arises from the ashes of her past to be reborn a powerful Phoenix.  She learns to accept and utilize the positive/negative or light/dark within herself to achieve success.  She balances herself (Yin & Yang).
Now, the fun is in the details.
You can interpret the beginning of Gaga’s video where she is rolled into the clinic in many ways.  The clinic possibly represents the Catholic Church which is very amusing…because it looks like a mental ward where all the women are wandering around like they’ve been lobotomized.  The nurse snatches a cigarette out of Gaga’s mouth which makes me think of how religious authorities often punish/repress what they consider sinful behavior.   (LOLChristians please don’t feel offended!  Remember…it’s my interpretation and I happen to think most organized religions throughout history have brainwashed women into believing they are insignificant, weak and powerless. It’s really hard to be a superstar when you feel that way.)

She’s different than the other women.  Maybe because they got the Gummy Bears and she got the knife…lol.  Many people take the easy route in life…gummy bears (ignorance) over the knife (enlightenment).  
Notice Gaga’s bed is special.  It has a cross at the foot of the bed and her pillow has a cross in the center of a circle.  This symbolizes the marriage of the spiritual world and the material world.  It can also mean the balance of positive/negative forces within us.  Unlike the other women… she has recovered and will be released.  Her psyche is balanced between the spiritual and physical realms.

Now after Gaga is taken back to her apartment she receives a phone call where her Record Label drops her.  Now, this is where I think Gaga reaches deep down and finds her true spirituality…her true power.  She goes through a battle between fantasy and reality where in her fantasy she is a unique ballerina…graceful, pure, serene…pretty little fairies flying around and the reality…where she lies naked in a small apartment…broken.  So, she finds her anger (negative/dark emotion) and she throws a tantrum…throwing her vinyl albums around, breaking mirrors, and wearing Cheerios.  (Note:  Cheerios are round representing the circle…symbol of eternity (no beginning, no end).    The circle also can represent the feminine force of the divine.)    

While all this is happening…the ballerina fantasy turns darker.  She falls to the floor at the feet of other ballerinas with the anguished realization that the other ballerinas look just like her.
At this point, Gaga sits in a bathtub of water and reinvents herself.  It is a rebirth or baptism for a new life.  She bleaches her hair blond and changes her style as is referenced in the next scene.

She dresses in a flashy denim outfit and looks a lot like Amy Winehouse with blond hair.  Her attitude is reminiscent of Amy as well.  All the other dancers in the room look down on her from the second level of the building and she just does “what any girl would do,” and gestures for them to “suck it or blow her.”  (I seriously enjoy Gaga’s humor.)  She is confident and refuses to let them hinder her or make her afraid.  She states, “You may say I lost everything, but I still had my Bedazzler.”  She understands that to be a celebrity, you have to use charisma and magnetism to Bedazzle (enchant, enthrall, fascinate, mesmerize).  That takes energy and confidence fueled by a strong belief in your abilities. She has plenty of magnetism…having her Sun in Aries and her Moon in Scorpio.

Gaga’s outfit is covered in bright silver stars.  The Star is an ancient symbol…and can be traced back to the beginning of civilization.  Four of the points represent the elements of the material world (earth, water, fire, air) and the fifth point represents the spirit within this world.   She is a deeply spiritual person and uses that spiritual strength to control her material existence.  I could go more into the symbolism of the building, but this is already getting lengthy.

The next fantasy scene has Gaga hanging upside down breaking into a black Firebird Trans Am while cars burn in the background under a full moon.  (Note:  Firebird/Phoenix symbolizes rebirth.)  She is dressed in black clothing resembling armor…her body smeared with soot and grime.  She seems to have gone through many battles/vehicles looking for the right vehicle to transport her to success.  (Now… I can get far out here and say the vehicles represent past lives and the Trans Am is her present incarnation…just a thought).

As she falls into the Trans Am and slides into the drivers seat…she finds an eight track and kisses it before putting it into the player.  She seems to have finally found the right vehicle.  This represents her reinvention by using a 70’s/80’s vehicle (musical influences).  The Trans Am’s headlights are on…which might mean she is now enlightened and knows where she is going.  Another interesting thing I noticed was the Pontiac GTO right beside the Trans Am.  She doesn’t destroy this car.  It just sits there driver-less with the lights on. I’m not sure what this car represents…maybe this is the next vehicle she’s planning on trying out.  The Trans Am is a Pony class car and the GTO is a Muscle car. (I’ll have to think this one over.) 

But anyway…she is going from one car to the next looking for her perfect ride.  It’s interesting to note that the Trans Am has a New York tag (ABZ 4052) that equals 22/4 in numerology.  This is a master number and represents the Master Builder.  People born with this number are highly creative, natural leaders, and work hard to achieve their dreams.   They also have a desire to bring greater good to all.  I wasn’t surprised to find that Gaga is indeed a 22/4.  Other famous Master Builders are Bill Gates, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, J. D. Rockefeller III and the list goes on.

Now the video shows Gaga entering the dance studio where she gets her groove on and even gives another androgynous dancer gentle assistance and a kiss.  Because of her experiences, she wants to uplift other people so they can triumph over their own fears.
Next… the video flashes back and forth to different scenes from dancing on the Trans Am to sloshing around naked and wet in the bathtub.  Gaga warrior (fire) represents the male side of her and naked Gaga in the bathtub (water) the female side of her.  She has embraced both.  (Note: We all have masculine and feminine qualities…it makes us stronger if we can balance those qualities.)

The next scene is another group dance scene in the street reminiscent of the 80’s.

Then there are a series of almost faster than the eye can detect scenes with the bathtub scene, her lugging her keyboard around, falling down stairs, warrior Gaga pouring gas on cars, ballerina Gaga, having problems with the door in the bathroom stall, dropping cigarettes, and trying to enter the backseat of a car with a huge hat on.  I think she speeded this part of the video up to indicate how fast that period of her life went.  It was a whirlwind that ended in the backseat of a limo with a reminder written on her hand for an interview at Interscope Records…which was the beginning of her success.

Now the last image is of her sitting or floating in a red dress amidst an inferno.  Her face is covered by a blue satellite hat.  I suppose this could mean that she is receiving power from the spiritual realm which has enabled her rebirth into a new life just like a Phoenix that arises from the ashes of past experiences.   

I actually have much deeper thoughts on this video in relation to spiritual ideas…but I’ll just save those thoughts for now.

The Huntress

Goddess…Mistress…I am returned from the hunt… Silver light reveals red leather…soaked in the blood of day, Your huntress has fought with the sun and won… But with a heavy price to pay—

By stripping away my mask…High Priestess of this Marble Temple, Vanilla, ginger, allspice, cinnamon caress with fingers of steam… And like a decadent countess slipping into warm crimson pleasure, I sink into moonlight, candlelight and dreams

Of Dionysus seducing my senses with red wine and fragrances of spice…   The day can no longer bruise like a bully without thought, Protected by the candlelit glow of the elements and the salt of the earth Time slows to nothing as I am caught

Between worlds of light and dark…despair and pleasure… Recreate me Goddess in your image…passionate and bold! Nerves crawl up the spine to enflame the mind, Night air feeds the fire… oil on water…to explode

Rude memories into silver stardust… sparkling in the moonlit breeze, Creating art from pretty little torments…ecstasy and pain. Sacrificing comprehension by immersing the soul and rising wet From the truth…Goddess…deliver me from the profane. ©


I have always been interested in religion.  When I was a child I was absolutely fascinated with the Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Egypt.  I was also drawn to Greek Mythology.  To many people… I’m sure I appeared very strange (especially growing up in Alabama) speaking of Isis, Horus, and the Olympians.  Throughout my life I have considered myself one thing or the other… from Christian to Agnostic.  About a year ago I began paying more attention to other ideas; such as, the Law of Attraction and Wicca.

Most religions have their basis in male driven ideology that has been very unfair to women throughout the ages.  I always said that until I found a religion written by females…I would just live without it.  While I lost my religion (Christianity) when I was a teen…I never lost my spirituality.  I realize that we all have the power to see the Creator as we wish.  I just happen to like to see the Creator as a Goddess or an androgynous entity.  It took me years to escape my conditioning of viewing the Creator as totally male.

Out of all the religions I have studied Wicca is by far the nicest.  Being a child of nature, I love many Wiccan ideas.  I am however, a little uncomfortable with the ritual aspect of Wicca.  It’s not that I do not believe in magic…it’s just I believe it comes from the mind.  I believe the Goddess has given us inner power and ability to manifest our desires.  That’s where I tie in Wicca with the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction is similar to the Magician and Ace of Cups in the Tarot.  When you connect to the Goddess…she will fill your cup to overflowing.  So, I don’t necessarily believe I have to draw a magic circle…if that makes any sense.   I reach the Goddess in meditation and dreams.

Maybe one day I’ll completely embrace ritual, but for now I just have to take baby steps.    Another problem I have is that I am a very fierce person and at times anger eats at me like a cancer when I see injustice in the world and ignorant intolerant people.  I just don’t think I am nice enough to be a witch.  All the Wiccans I know through Twitter are so kind and full of love.   I have a never ending battle between the light and darkness within myself.  I’ll certainly have to get that under control before I dabble with magic…or I might end up like Dark Willow…LOL.


The idea that our souls exist within the material
world in an organic prison is an interesting concept; our spirits trapped by
the elements…earth, water, air, and fire.
Our flesh is earth, our blood…water, our breath…air, and our body

In the Lost Gospels Mary Magdalene speaks of Jesus
teaching that we must get past the elementals to reach heaven.   If you are capable of mastering the elements…
your spirit becomes the fifth element.
This means your spirit connects to the other side and you can manifest
any desire into reality.

This corresponds with The Law of Attraction and to
the Magician card in the Tarot.  I
believe the brain is an extremely powerful tool that will continue to evolve
into infinite possibilities.  Today we
only have a primitive grasp of its abilities.

I do believe that some people are able to tap the
other side.  Those people you read about
that live dream lives have the key…they are the Magicians.

I Thought About Religion Today…

Humanity began with spirituality…a connection to the invisible world (right brain, subconscious) activity.  People survived on instinct…intuition because they didn’t have a lot of knowledge (left brain, conscious) activity. Then religion was born through the primitive synthesis of limited left brain knowledge and right brain intuition.  Humanity mistakenly calls religion “the truth,” when there is no possible way for “the truth” to exist without possessing all knowledge…which is quite impossible for a human brain.  No one on this earth owns the truth…because we do not have enough information to see the “Big Picture.”

The only reason organized religions still exist is because they were passed down in story form.  It’s a memory strategy many teachers use to code information so students will remember it.  Everyone loves stories!  Many people would rather believe the earth was created in seven days and that humanity began with a man and woman chasing each other around naked in a paradise; rather than that the earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago and homo sapiens evolved around 200,000 years ago.

People rarely pick up a “holy book” and actually read it.   They prefer someone (priest, minister) to translate it for them because most of the time they do not understand what they are reading.  They like to hear the pretty stories.  It’s easy and it answers questions the slothful person (without critical thinking skills) wants answered.  They want a set of rules to follow in life and a nice place waiting for them when they die.  Different groups of ancient peoples developed different stories to explain everything…different sets of similar rules…some harsher than others.

I think of all the evil that religion has fostered.  People claim religion has done so much for humanity, but what has it really accomplished besides dividing people?  Millions have died because one religion has no tolerance for another.  Violence…wars, genocide, rape, murder, slavery of women…even bullying at school are all based on religious ideals fueling societies.

I grew up in a Christian Fundamentalist church, but escaped my brainwashing very early because what they were teaching was so ridiculous to me.  I couldn’t believe they were actually serious.  But…serious they were.  I believe they are lazy and blind.  They probably believe I am the devil.  Whatever!  I have and will always be a spiritual person, but when I think of an all powerful entity that created everything through the “Big Bang,” I think it’s a little more complex than following some outdated set of rules that chokes the shit outa the human spirit.

I believe I am here to learn.  So far, I have learned through the 5 and sometimes 6 senses I was given.  Instinctually I have avoided the quagmire of religion and trusted my heart.  People use religion because they fear the unknown.  I do not fear the unknown…I have never feared death.  I will not adhere to another’s idea of God.  God/Dess lives within me and I will strive to learn as much as my puny brain can hold.  If I must be trapped within this material world…I will memorize and conceptualize my prison until I am offered the exit.

Gay Marriage

I really hear a lot of crap from politicians on a daily basis.  One comment took the cake today.  I will not name him, but he defended his position against gay marriage by saying, “It (marriage) between a man and a woman has worked pretty well for the past 2000 years, so I don’t see a need to change what works.”  I couldn’t believe the journalist let this guy get away with that ridiculous defense of heterosexual marriage.  Why didn’t the journalist explain that 1st of all marriage goes back much further than 2000 years (Surprise, it’s not just a Christian concept, buddy!)  Secondly, we’ve come a long way from those times…baby!

According to this line of reasoning…we should bring back the pharaohs’ and monarchy to rule us…while the working classes starve and build pyramids and go on holy crusades for the rich folks. We should also forget our judicial system and just lynch people with vigilante justice.  As a matter of fact…let’s close down public schools/libraries/publishing houses/Internet because the masses shouldn’t be allowed to read.

Ladies…forget education for you…you have to marry or be owned by your brother…who we all know will treat you like a slave or if you do marry just have baby after baby…oh yea (no birth control)!  Too many mouths to feed?…Well, I guess you’ll have to expose them to the elements like they did back in the old days because sadly there won’t be any orphanages or adoption agencies and really?  Do you think the Feudal Lords will really want your common children?

Yes…all this was working pretty well for a select few people back in those days!  But…because of people that didn’t march “in rank and file” society became much fairer.  It is because of those people that our civilization has progressed and will continue to do so.

I personally feel the government should not have a say in who you marry.  I believe strongly that everyone should have equal rights in this country.  That guy just really griped my ass with his ignorance.  People are born gay or bisexual.  I don’t know if it is genetic or hormonal, but it is nothing a person can change willfully.

I know this to be true from personal experience.  I have always been attracted to both sexes…all the way back when the first sexual thoughts came into being.  Luckily…in this modern day and age, I haven’t been forced to marry and have children that I didn’t want.

People like this politician thought they could stop change way back then, too.  100 years from now, I’m sure someone will be griping about dating robots with artificial intelligence!


Her mind is on fire

Burning with a wicked heat

A voice hissing inside her head

Reveals the word…the deceit


Power…is the word that mocks her

It melts inside her spirit

Like gooey chocolate sin

And she has no sense to fear it


Tragic is the life for her

To want and yet be denied

Creator of life stripped bare

No justice…global matricide. ©

My Interview with God/Dess

I thought I might like to write a book based on my personal interview with God/Dess.  I wonder how far that would go…huummmm?  Well, I do know many people have been very successful doing just that.  Just look at history…all the holy writings from any religion I know of… claim to know the mind of that all powerful entity known as God.  Well in my interview with God/Dess…I was told that s/he designed us to evolve into something that might be more interesting and intelligent than a rock, but s/he said she had been mostly disappointed as of yet.

She also said Humans are stupid and easily manipulated and soooo easy to brainwash no matter how ludicrous the idea.  She liked Albert Einstein’s quote…  “He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt.  He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.”

You know… I forgive people back in ancient times…all the way up to the renaissance…because they really just didn’t have the knowledge to make sense of everything.  So, why not make up stories to fill in the gaps?  Stories are fun.  However, I do hold people accountable for their ignorance today.  It’s pure sloth!  Yes…sloth is one of the seven deadly sins!  People are mentally lazy in this day and time.  No one wants to do the hard work of acquiring knowledge and exercising critical thinking skills to develop a conceptual understanding.   People want the answer handed to them in a nice little package.

These mentally lazy people are ruling the world with their ignorance and making this world into a hell.  They use their religious ideas to form societies that punish people who don’t accept their blind faith.  I can just hear these dolts…science is too hard…I can’t wrap my brain around this…what good is math…I don’t want to think…just give me the answer…we are alone in the universe…we must obey…we must obey…we must obey!  These mindless obedient pod people continue to embrace outdated notions with superstitious zeal.  What intelligent being would not be contemptuous of such stupidity?

God/Dess gave us a brain to think…to evolve…to create…to become something admirable & noble.  It is such a beautiful gift.  It’s really disgusting that some people do not appreciate the miraculous organ and allow it to atrophy into so much mush.  They never ask the question?  Why did God/Dess gift me with this brain?  It reminds me of that Ally bank commercial where the bank guy gives the little girl a brand new bike and then tells her the rule is… to not ride the bike outside the tiny square he’s given her.  Do you give your child a bicycle and then command them to never learn to use it…to stay in that tiny square?   Why even give them the bicycle?

If God/Dess wanted us to be a bunch of mindless zombies…s/he wouldn’t have given us …yes let me say it once again…a brain.  Humanity could make this world a much better place if we collectively respected knowledge and each other.  Many diligent people sweated blood and tears to give us the knowledge we have today.   Many also gave their lives because they had the courage to refuse to march “rank and file.”   It grieves me to see so many people ignore their sacrifice.